A middle-aged scrapper bounced onto the train, and seeing the large and attractive new iMac computer box on the subway floor, sauntered over and laid a bold hand on it, rocking the box back and forth a bit. “Did I scare you?” she said, then came forth a real new york “Har har,” and I said “no– the contents are not nearly as exciting as they ought to be-” and she said,”well the computer on the box looks pretty shiny,” picking the box up by the handle and then, unsure if was about to get to get robbed over the reality of a for-parts computer from 2007, said “the computer inside is as tough and terrible as I am,” and the woman let forth a barking bray, and leaning over to look in close under my hood, said with some pity, “-Ain’t nobody scared of you and that little angelface , sweetheart,” and made a grab for the box, but then I stood up and quietly took the box from her.

” this is my stop,” said Angelface, from a foot above her, and glided off into the night, lugging my new enormous and broken desktop towards home


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