Mouthy Babes and Morality

A recent dialogue on morality

Lucy is three, and she’s laid up on the sofa, watching television with a bowl of popcorn on her stomach. ” So he-” she gestures at Channing Tatum “–is the hero?” Channing is examining a metal breast plate on the screen, in silence, and also in a skirt. “what does he need that for?” she asks about the roman armor.
“for protection,” I say, and because we also happened to watch ‘ Cowboys Vs. Aliens,” this evening, she whips her head around and asks,”–Against monsters?”
I say yes, and she shoots back, “So…where is the monster in this film, then?” And after a bit of thought :
“–Is he–” she points at Channing, who is now storming towards a horde of oncoming native Britons defending their homeland,” –the monster?”



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